FAQ’S – all of the following apply to our Fully Guided Tours – obviously some do not apply to Self-Guided Tours:-

Coronavirus: Are you cancelling any tours? How will the situation affect us?

Many customers are asking about our policy regarding the Coronavirus outbreak. We cannot predict with any certainty how this is going to play out during the summer months as the situation is changing on a daily basis. We can only abide by advice given by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office. Obviously we shall keep abreast of what is happening over the following months. Unless prevented from travelling due to advice from the FCO, if you decide to cancel a booking – i.e. you have a disinclination to travel – then our Terms & Conditions will apply and it is most unlikely that you will be able to claim on your travel insurance. We cannot stress strongly enough how important it is to have suitable travel insurance in place. April 2020 – please refer to the Latest News page for the most up to date information.

Are you always on hand?
Yes, we personally accompany all fully guided trips, we’re always available if you need help and won’t hide if there’s a problem. We treat guests how we would like to be treated.

How big are the groups?
On our European Tours we set a maximum of 15 bikes.

Do you get much repeat business?
Loads! Take a look at the leader board and our testimonial pages – they say it all.

Do you provide maps or GPS routes and will we ride motorways?
Fully Guided Tours: We believe that we are the only company who always use a ‘second man drop off system’ with a designated “back-marker”so that nobody gets lost. There is never any pressure to keep up with the person in front and you ride at your own pace. We avoid motorways wherever possible as we believe that you’d rather ride scenic routes.
Self-Guided Tours: Yes, we provide full GPS routes for Garmin sat-navs – these are the tried & tested routes used on our Guided Tours and not just a few waypoints.

Do we have to ride with the group or can we ride on our own on a Fully Guided Tour?
Everyone so far has ridden with the group – apart from sometimes breaking away on the last day to catch a different crossing home. If you choose to ride alone then we would ask that you do so for the whole day, that you carry your own luggage and realise that there will be no support from the Company should you encounter any problems. It would be your responsibility to navigate your way to the hotel.

What experience do I need to ride on the continent?
In your interest you should be a competent rider. We always give a pre-tour briefing which includes advice and highlights particular road signs etc. Some Tours are more sightseeing biased, others involve high levels of concentration and will only suit very experienced riders. All this information can be found on the relevant Tour pages. Don’t worry, you will enjoy yourself.

Do you hire motorcycles?
Sorry but no we don’t, however Road Trip Motorcycle Rental in Woking, Surrey do hire out bikes.

What items should I bring? …
Please see our Advice page

Do you get many ladies on your trips?
Yes, look at the photos on our Testimonials pages. We’re always pleased to welcome ladies whether as riders or pillions.

Will there be days off the bike?
On most of our Tours there is a day off the bikes, usually with an optional ride-out. Please refer to each Tour page for specific details.

Why don’t you include the ferry crossing in your prices?
All our trips start and finish on the continent. We know that even on the same Tour guests sometimes like to use different ports before meeting up, perhaps they’ll even arrive a day earlier. Not including the ferry makes the crossing more flexible for you. For many of our Tours we usually hold options on crossings with Brittany Ferries – please contact us for a quote.

What standard of hotels do you stay in and will they have secure bike parking?
We have personally researched all of the routes and stayed in the hotels. Most are 3* and we choose the hotels for their character and location. Some have swimming pools, saunas etc, but these aren’t always a requirement especially if we’re only there for one night.

Our motorbikes are also on the Tour so motorcycle security is always taken into account. If the hotel is in the countryside a garage is not as important as when we stay in a large town. We have never had a problem.

Can you cater for dietary requirements and will there be a choice of food?
Dinner is always included on the first and last night of each Tour (and usually a few nights in between). We ask on our booking form if anyone has any dietary requirements and notify the restaurant accordingly. We try very hard to provide a choice of food at each venue, however this is not always possible. On nights when meals are not included hotels will be situated within walking distance of restaurants.

Is there a support vehicle?
Yes, on all Fully Guided Tours lasting longer than 5 days we take our faithful van so that you ride luggage free. It carries oil, puncture repair kits, basic tools etc. but it will not be able to transport your motorbike and is therefore not a substitute for breakdown insurance. It follows the same route as the Tour so it’s also available for helmets / jackets etc when you stop to visit any sights. We do not charge extra for you to put luggage in the van. Traveling as a passenger in the van is not an option unless in an emergency.

What happens if you don’t get the minimum number of participants on a Tour?

This has only happened on a couple of occasions. We have still run the Tour but with only one of us leading the Tour and without the luggage van. We would rather you still get to enjoy your holiday.

What speeds do you ride at and what sort of roads will we take?
You ride at your own speed as the marker system takes care of this. You’ll ride a variety of great roads, some sweepers, some very twisty, depending on the Tour. Motorways are avoided wherever possible. We’ve previously driven all of the roads to ensure for example that any mountain roads are suitable for large touring bikes and sports-bikes with a greater turning circle. Each Tour page has a summary of the mileage and whether there are any motorways. Only you know if you are capable of riding very twisty roads so please read the descriptions of the Tours before making your choice.

How long will I be expected to ride each day?
We run motorcycle holidays but not endurance tests. Generally we set off at around 09.15 and aim to finish around 18.00. We stop at least every 1.5 hours for either fuel, coffee or lunch. The distance of each Tour is detailed on the relevant Tour page.

What insurance do I need?
Make sure that you have full personal travel and motorbike breakdown insurance, you only appreciate having insurance when you need it. We have arranged preferential terms for travel insurance with Holiday Safe Travel Insurance. Please note that we reserve the right to charge at the rate of £2.00 per km for any transportation of you and/or your vehicle undertaken by us.

How do you provide for my financial protection?
Under European directives your money is held in a separate account until the trip is completed. We have been organising tours since 2003 and have a trustworthy reputation. Your money is safe.

Anything else I should know?
Only the obvious (to us anyway)… Get your bike serviced and check that the tyres will last the trip – worrying about your steed will not make for a good holiday. If you’ve any other questions then just ask.

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