A welcome beer in Baden Baden!ย 

Decorations in Calais the night before

Lunch stop

Afternoon coffee stop

Christine & Chris

“Hi all, thank you all for your excellent company on my first tour abroad. Thank you John for all your hard work in organising and running this tour. Thanks also to Richard and Kevin for your back up. All the hotels were excellent especially the ones where we had the evening meals with unlimited drinks. I slept well last night, itโ€™s now time to clean the bike and my boots a put my used clothes in the wash. Once again thanks for your company and helpful tips. Ps. I may buy a lighter bike in September.”

Phil Warner, 1st tour, BMW R1200RS, Glamorgan

Our first hotel

Dinner is included tonight

A misty start next day

Beers in Baden Baden

“Hi John & Jen, thanks for a really great tour (No 5๐Ÿ‘) despite some challenging conditions, really enjoyed it , keep up the good work๐Ÿ‘Œ

Jeremy Davies, 5th tour, BMW R1250 RS, Worcestershire

Our hotel’s right in the centre

Some dine together

It’s a lovely town

Trying the local cuisine!!

“Hello John, Jen and Kevin, thank you once again for an amazing tour, great hotels and fabulous food and drink – we donโ€™t know how you do it for the price! Coffee and lunch stops meant lots of lovely cake too. Good company meant we had some good laughs too, so glad to hear Simon and Katie are doing well and weโ€™ll look forward to seeing you all again on another tour.
Our favourite hotel was the one at Baden-Baden, very quirky, staircases and corridors running in different directions, I must admit I did get lost a couple of times, taking a wrong turn๐Ÿ˜‰. ย Lots of lovely places to eat there too.
Roads were amazing, especially the B500, even as pillion I enjoyed the thrill of the speed and the lovely sweeping bends. Weather could have been a bit nicer to us, but hey ho, you canโ€™t have it all, good gear meant we were kept dry.
A day off the bike meant we could explore the nearby lake at Titisee, a short bus ride away, such a beautiful lake with plenty to do and see.
Thanks again, andโ€ฆJen we missed you!”

Andy (12 trips) & Ros (9 trips) Moseley, Ducati Multistrada V4, Warwickshire

(Thanks Ros, sorry no good photos of you & Andy on your bike – you just can’t get the staff!!! – Jen x)

Breakfast in the cafe opposite

Then ride the fab B500

Kevin’s driving the van!

Kelvin & Jill – Honda NT 1100

Simon L – BMW M1000R

Mike – Ducati Multistrada 1260S

Andrew – Honda CB1000F

Chris & Chris – BMW R1250 GSA

“Hi John / Hi all,ย 
Great to hear that Katie and Simon should now be back home and we wish them a speedy recovery. It was great riding with everyone and a very enjoyable trip. We hope to meet up again on future rides in the not too distant future.”

Chris & Christine Horsley, 3rd tour, BMW R1250 GSA, Bedfordshire

Jeremy – BMW R1250 RS

Philip W – BMW R1200 RS

Backmarker Richard – Tracer 900

Jeremy stops for photos

On the fabulous B500

“Thanks John & Jen for great tour!
It was really well led & organised for us so we donโ€™t have to worry about anything except riding our bike. We appreciate how much effort must go into ensuring we all have a great holiday. John was always on hand to help with anything we needed. The luggage van (thanks Kevin) is always a bonus so we can ride some great roads unencumbered.
The B500 and Vosges didnโ€™t disappoint. Some fantastic roads and scenery. Thanks also to our back marker Richard, who did an amazing job of collecting us up along the way making the marker system work a treat. Hotels were top notch, especially on the first night of the tour. The meals included were delicious. Routes were brilliant, with a good mix of twisties and straights.
We would also like thank everyone for their company on tour. This was a really friendly group, with great banter and we enjoyed meeting & riding with you all. Itโ€™s not only the riding but the company that makes for a great holiday.
“Riders you’re in charge of your bikes. Pillions you’re in charge of your riders! “
๐Ÿ˜ƒ Looking forward to booking another.”

Ed and Vivienne Farquhar, (2nd tour), Kawasaki Z1000 SX, Banffshire

Simon – Yamaha MT10 SP

Katie – BMW R Nine T

(Most!) re-group at the end

Then to Freudenstadt for coffee

Another pretty town

“Hi John, Jen and Kevin, thanks for a great tour, again, the detailed planning was as last time, exceptional and very much appreciated. All of the hotels were very good with excellent locations. I really enjoyed the group who all just got on with everyone making the social side of things equally as good as the biking, really glad Simon and Katie have recovered and hopefully not put off riding again. So once again thanks and Iโ€™m looking forward to the next one”

Steve Rainton, 2nd tour, Kawasaki Z1000 SX, Lincolnshire

Ed & Viv – Kawasaki Z1000 SX

Mark – Kawasaki Z1000 SX

Andy & Ros – Ducati Multistrada V4

Katie – BMW R Nine T

Simon T – Yamaha MT10 SP

We stop at the biggest cuckoo clock

We pay a euro (no expense spared!!)

Take your partners…

For a waltz!

Viv & Ed

Simon T & Katie

Then Triberg for lunch

“Good morning all,
Firstly, thank you John & Jen for all the work we do not get to see but is reflected in the rides, the accommodations and even when things do not go right. Thank you also to back-marker Richard and Kevin who stepped in at the last moment to cover Jen, you did a great job and I did buy the lager Kevin honestly!! Not part of the tour but I also hope the dog is recovering well.
The most recent news from Kate is really positive, well done the two of you.
It was our fourth BN ride but the first three were simply ages ago and frankly I found the group riding difficult to get back into. Coupled with that and the weather I lost some confidence on the first 2 days and it took me time to get it back. But this where all of you were so helpful and supportive (especially Richard). At no time did I feel under pressure from your advanced speed and there was not one single overtake that gave me a ‘wobble’, thank you all.
The final meal was a highlight for us, not John’s jokes I hasten to add, but 5 of us at the end of the table just talked about learning and improving our skills. In my case never too old to learn, thank you.”ย 

Kelvin Roberts & Jill Andrews, 4th tour, Honda NT1100, Leicestershire

Our hotel for the next two nights

Dinner is included tonight

A lovely morning

Flower displays in town

It’s a lovely town

Kev went down to the lake

Andy & Ros went to Titisee

Steve took a boat ride

Others went for a ride-out…

to the High Rhine waterfalls

Some took a boat ride

Thanks Jeremy

Next day we move on

Katie & Simon T

Hi John, Jen, Kevin & Richard,ย 

Thank you for the amazing trip, some great roads, locations and of course company. Even though we didn’t finish we have some unforgettable memories and have learnt a thing or two. We plan on doing another tour…if you’ll have us!!

Simon & I are now home and the six week countdown for the cast removal is on! I intend to get straight back on as soon as the doctor lets me! [Katie – I’ve been there – twice! keep up the physio & you’ll get there! – Jen]

Wishing everyone all the best. Thank you for all your well wishes and hope our paths cross again soon. Best regards”

Katie Hack, BMW R Nine T, & Simon Tang, Yamaha MT10 SP, 1st tour, Buckinghamshire


Phil A


Steve with Richard


Katie & Simon

Backmarker Richard

John’s leading the tour

Stop at a viewing area

The group as we leave the Black Forest

Mike & Simon L

“Good evening all,

I rather expected to be both the oldest and the slowest in this group and approached this “Bucket list item” with some trepidation, however my fears were unfounded and it has been some time since I have met such a friendly group of fellow bikers. So, many thanks to all for making it such a memorable outing and allowing me to, mostly, ignore the awful weather.

John, I must congratulate you on your planning and organisational skills, I’m sure that at times it must feel like herding sheep. Keep posting me with forthcoming tours especially if there is something run at a slightlyย gentler pace.

Finally; Katie, after many years of theory I finally got to practice my first response training at an RTA and hope that you are making a good recovery but please, please don’t let Simon do it again!!”

Andrew Evans, 1st tour, Honda CB1000F, Devon

Morning coffee stop

And cakes!!

Andy & Ros


We stop in the Vosges Mountains

Chris & Christine

Steve & Jeremy

Phil A – BMW R1250 GS

Ed & Viv

Simon L

Kelvin & Jill

A free night in Epinal

Coffee stop next morning

At lunch stop…

Setting up for the Fete de Musique

Our final hotel

Has great views

Drinks at the hotel

There’s live music

Dinner is included tonight

Chris telling jokes

Chris & Chris


Next day lunch at Albert

Time to visit the 1916 Somme museum

Ed & Viv

Steve – Kawasaki Z1000 SX

Simon G – Yamaha XJR 1300

Phil A – BMW R1250 GS

Jeremy – BMW R1250 RS

Mark – Kawasaki Z1000 SX

Mike sets off…

Followed by Simon

A final selfie for Steve

John found this urinal…

A reminder of the Euro’s!!

We ALWAYS regroup for any motorway

And that’s all folks! HUGE thanks to Kevin for driving the van when Jen had to stay home with a convalescing Otto (our dog – see pic below). Thanks to Kevin, Jeremy, Ros & Steve for sending photos too. Thanks to Richard for a great job riding as “Back-marker” on the tour. We look forward to seeing many of you again in the future. Ride safe โ€“ John & Jen. (P.S. after husband & wife Simon & Katie had a “prang” we wish Katie a speedy recovery with her broken wrist)

Otto after his TPLO surgery (Tibial plateau levelling osteotomy)

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