A sociable group made the most of a pretty damp tour at times!!

In Calais the night before…

There’s an Elton John tribute band

“Another tour completed with BN European Tours. Colmar & Vosges Mountains this time, July 2023. Writing reviews for John and Jen is easy really – just start with excellent or exceptional and add locations, roads, hotels, food (vegetarian options), hospitality. All excellent and exceptional. See you again for another journey soon

Steve Hendra, 6th trip, Yamaha T-Max 560, Kent

We ALWAYS regroup for any motorway

Unfortunately, it’s now raining!

Dorothy & Jim, Wendy & Steve

Dinner is included tonight

Hi John and Jen, thank you for another brilliant tour, as always – great roads, excellent hotels and amazing food Thanks to the group and John for your company, John was great, but we did miss Jen! Thanks again for an excellent tour. (And the 10 tours T Shirt).

Mike (10 trips) & Tracey (8 trips) Sanders, Triumph Tiger 900GT, Somerset

We have a presentation to make…

Don’t look…

Mike’s done 10 trips!

So has Chris!

Well what a wet tour, especially the Tuesday. All credit to John and Chris ( back marker ) for an excellent job under the circumstances. Hotels and food were excellent as usual with an added bonus for those who stayed the night in Calais, a free Elton John tribute concert! Colmar was worth the trip, chocolate museum and the motor museum, a great two days there. Hope everyone had a good time, we may meet again on future trips.

John & Sandra Shepherd, 14th trips, Triumph Tiger 800XRX, Hertfordshire

At breakfast, Paul’s got a new friend!

After a VERY wet day…

Dinner is included again tonight

“Thanks to John, Chris and everyone for making me feel so welcome on my first tour. It was so well organised, marker system worked brilliantly, all hotels were lovely, food/drink great. I now know why Paul enjoys going on these tours so much!

Colmar was beautiful, we spent a lovely day in the town and had sunshine! The ride out to the Vosges mountains was amazing, twisty roads and fabulous scenery. Yes we had a couple of days of rain, but that’s no-ones fault. Thank you again for a fantastic trip.”

Lynn (1st tour) & Paul (9th trip) McGarry, Triumph Tiger 1200XRT, Kent

Our 4* hotel for 3 nights

Next day many take the train…

Then the tram…


To the Schlumph Motor Museum

I have been struggling to think of any improvements to the tour which I very much enjoyed – hotels, rooms, food, routes, were all good. The whole group gelled well and it’s a feature of BN European Tours that a number of dinners are included…a very good format which works well.
Instructions from Tour Leader John were clear and relevant. He was very patient at all times. To quote Arnie – “I’ll be back” Best Wishes to you both.

Gordon Heggie, 4th trip, Triumph Tiger 800XCX, Essex

Bugatti Roadster Type 55 (1932)

Bugatti Cabriolet Type 57S (1938)

Rolls Royce Phantom lll (1938)

Bugattis Cabriolet (1939) & Coach (1937)

“A really enjoyable trip – got a bit wet but hey ho! Accommodation was good, food was good, company was good, the week just flew by, had a great laugh [a great tonic], looking forward to trip no 10.

Riding the Vosges mountains was a great experience, the routes are pre planned, tried and tested, taking the stress away from the punters – overall a first class trip, very well organised /very professional, thank you “Bike Normandy”

(That bloke who told those risky jokes on the last night was mustard!!)

Paul Rixon, 9th trip, BMW R1250 GS Adventure, Kent

Rolls Royce Limousine (1925)

Mercedes-Benz Cabriolet (1938)

De Dion Bouton 1 cylinder (1898)

Taxi used in the cartoon “Adventures of Rabbi Jacob”

Citroen DS (in the same catroon)

Citroen DS 21 (1967)

“My  second now with BN Tours and this one was as good as the first (Chateaux & Sancerre). Hotels all spot on with well organized and tasty meals, excellent breakfast to set you up for a days riding are included at each hotel and these are included in the tour cost. The organization of the routes and timetables was excellent and the trip up into the Vosges mountains was challenging but very enjoyable. The enjoyment of the tour was enhanced by a great group which to me is an important part of the tour. Overall a great few days and looking forward to making it 3. Thanks again for another excellent few days”

Dave Walker. 2nd tour, Triumph Bonneville, Durham

Paul’s made another friend – who appreciates his jokes!!

Renault Alpine (1978)

Renault F1 (2009)

Chris fancies a Ferrari!

Ferrari Coupe Type 450 (1954)

Alpha Romeo Biplace 12C (1938)

“Hi John & Jen, I think one of the problems for the delay in replying is how do you write something that really does the tour justice? Both Di and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Your choice of hotels was superb, food was excellent as were the roads and the routes. Really nice to have 3-nights in one place, gave us the chance to explore and have a bit of time to just wander. We love bikes but it’s nice to have the time to explore without them sometimes, this tour gave us that.

There really is not a negative, you stop for frequent coffee stops and John always pointed us in the right direction for a sandwich/roll/burger whatever. Your knowledge of what amenities are available, wherever we are, is astounding, you just cannot get that from anywhere else.

I remember at one point, whilst riding, John stopped to have a short conversation (in French!) with a couple of locals. I thought he must know them, but it transpired John had picked up on a closed road/tunnel sign (or something) so he stopped to see if they could confirm. I had not even noticed the road/tunnel closed information!!

I think that if your competitors came on one of your tours, they would probably return home, realise they can never compete and go and do something else!

Thank you, a great tour, lovely company, good value (in fact ‘I don’t know how you do it for the price’- that ok John?).”

Tony (9 trips) & Di (3 trips) Shepherd, BMW K1600GT, Kent

Bugatti 45 (1929)

Peugeot, Renault, Ford

Selfie time…

With a Bugatti

Aston Martin Lagonda (1982)

Citroen Coupe (1971)

Mercedes Benz 300 SL Coupe (1955)

Trabant (1986)

Mercedes Benz 300 SC (1956)

Hi John, a very enjoyable tour, thank you. A good mix of roads, excellent hotels and food, and of course a super group of interesting people to ride with. You always attract a super sociable fun caring group. I forgot to add that I enjoyed the train travel, museum, and Colmar was beautiful. Thank you and Chris for looking after us all so well. Many thanks

Keith Bowen, 8th trip, Triumph Trident, Wiltshire

It’s a free evening

So time to explore Colmar

Lots of restaurants

Such a pretty town

“Thank you BN for introducing us to beautiful Colmar. What a treat to explore and the car museum was on the bucket list so was very much enjoyed. The twisty road riding day was great! Love those mountain roads. As always, hotels and tour dinners were top class. We did miss Jen though…All the best”

Wendy – Street Triple R – & Steve – Kawasaki 1000SX – Henrys, 9th trips, Hertfordshire

The next day many go for a ride-out

There’s a surprise – Paul M

Tony & Di


Paul R

The brave ones!

Lunch at the top

Keith & Gordon

Paul & Lynn

Mike & Tracey

“Back-marker” Chris

Fab views

“Thanks for the tour John, not easy with such a mixed ability group and such rubbish weather! Loved Colmar and a great choice of hotel. Loved the last hotel too, the meal was good but a small serving of veg or salad with the main course would have been nice, a little bland without. Regards”

Alison Barr, 7th trip, with Gordon Barr, 9 trips, BMW R1250 RT, Essex

Mike loves his new t-shirt!!!

Another free night in Colmar

There’s a market

Interesting buildings

Next day, Wendy’s bike has a puncture

Fixed! John, Mike & Chris

At our final hotel…

Lots of Ferrari’s

Dinner is included again

Paul R starts off the jokes

There’s a captive audience!

Jim & Dorothy

Gordon B takes a turn

Gordon B & Mike

Wendy’s next

Paul R’s up again

Alison can’t bear it !!

Jim takes a turn

There’s no stopping Paul R!

Next day, Alison gets a ride…

In one of the Ferrari’s!!

Mike & Tracey – Triumph Tiger 900GT

Paul & Lynn – Triumph Tiger 1200 XRT

Jim & Dorothy – BMW R1250 RT

Keith – Honda Rebel 500

Paul N – Triumph Tiger 900 GT Pro

Wendy – Street Triple R & Steve – Kawasaki 1000SX

Gordon H – Triumph Tiger 800 XCX

Steve – Yamaha T-Max 560

David – Triumph Bonneville

Gordon & Alison – BMW R1250 RT

John & Sandra – Triumph Tiger 800 XRX

Tony & Di – BMW K1600 GT

Paul R has a BMW R1250 GS Adventure

Chris – Triumph Tiger 900 GT Pro

All ready to leave

Tracey points the way!

Lunch stop

Most go back to Eurotunnel

Thanks to everyone for coming on this tour – without the usual luggage van! Thanks too to those who sent photos & feedback. We look forward to seeing many of you again on future tours. Keep well & ride safe, John (& Jen  – part of me wishes I’d been there – despite the rain!!)

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