With so many photos we had to split the review into two pages!!

Next day we move on

Thanks Jeremy

Morning coffee stop

The brave ones!!

Take the ski lift up…

Then toboggans down…

John goes first

Stoner & Sue

In KTM orange!!

Mick T goes next

Followed by Reece

Russ is next

Mark Y-D’s next

Then Mick C

Mark B

Jeremy (missing Charles & Greg)

Here’s Mick T

Russ has caught Reece

Mark Y-D

Mick C

Mark B




And finally Charles

Mick & Judy

Lunch stop

We ride the Susten Pass

Drinks at our hotel

There’s the steam train

Dinner is included tonight

We’re here for three nights

All except Jeremy go for a ride

Such a beautiful setting

We pass Interlaken

Such pretty villages

Blue skies…only one thing to do…

A helicopter ride over the Alps

Stoner’s chuffed!!

Mark, Reece, Mick, Sue & Stoner

Jen, Greg, Russ & Frank go next

The Monch & the Jungfrau

The Eiger

Top of the Jungfrau

It’s amazing !!

Windows for the Eiger train

Wow !!

Feel the G-force as we turn

Heading back

Stoner loved it!!

We go for coffee & cakes

Then visit the Trummelbach Falls

Take the lift inside the mountain

The falls are amazing!!

Such force


We then go for lunch

Mick & Judy

Lunch at Grindelwald

We head back to Brienz

Then some ride up the Grimsel Pass


Top of the Grimsel Pass


Marmots at the top

Lots of pics for Reece’s daughter!!

Heading back down

Drinks back on the terrace

Some of us head into town

Charles demonstrates the Archimedes screw!

We decide on pizzas

Another lovely morning

We all go for a ride-out


We ride up the Grimsel again

Mark & Sue

Mark & Sue again

Mick C

Mick again

Everyone at the top

Jen’s riding pillion

To take photos

It’s a fabulous Pass

We stop for coffee

And yes – more marmots!!



Reece again


Cute locals…

Fab view on the Nufenen Pass




Mark Y-D

A cobbled pass!!

We’re going up there next…



Russ again

Andermatt for lunch

We then ride the Furka Pass

Charles adds our sticker

Us !

So how many men does it take…

To diagnose Stoner’s bike’s problem???

Mark Y-D

Mick & Sue

We have to stop as road closed

Mark & Sue

Road closed following an accident

Drinks on the terrace

Some go into town again

Another lovely evening

So what happened to the rain??!!!!!

We have to say goodbye…

Leaving Brienz

Coffee stop

Lovely scenery

Lunch stop

Views of Mont Blanc

Chamonix for coffee stop

Our next hotel

The next day, after coffee stop

The heavens open!!

Wet lunch stop

Sunny at our last hotel

Drinks before dinner

Dinner is included tonight

Charles thanks everyone for the best tour ever!

John has a message for Greg…

From the lovely pizza girl in Brienz!!

Greg was smitten !!

Greg tells a joke…

Followed by John

A game of guess the vegetable…

So Greg had played before!!!!

Stoner takes a turn

Then Jen

Reece goes next

Then Greg again

Charles has a tale to tell

That gets them all singing!!

Next morning many depart…

Frank slips away…

Stoner leaves in haste…

Bye to Mick & Judy

Caimin’s off

And Sue

Then Charles

And Reece

Russ is meeting friends

The rest go to Le Mans car museum

Where Stoner is reunited with his belongings!!

Mick, Mark & Greg head to Calais

Then Mark Y-D, Jeremy & us head back to Ouistreham.

It’s only when looking back through all the photos you realise just how much is packed into this tour – probably one of our best yet!! Huge thanks to Charles for riding as “back-marker” throughout the tour. We look forward to seeing many of you on future trips – when Jen will be back on a bike!! Ride safe, Jen &  John

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