For the final tour of the year we had fabulous weather, brilliant roads & scenery and a winner at Monte Carlo – what’s not to like!

Many take the ferry from Portsmouth

Start with a pre-tour briefing

Russ has a travelling companion!

Buzz is back!!

Ready for the off

Jen’s leading today

John stops for his favourite animals!

Spotted en-route

Dear John and Jen, this was my 5th trip with BN European Tours, each one has been professionally organised and put together, and this one (even with my mishaps) was an amazing holiday. Fabulous roads, beautiful scenery, good hotels, even the guests! It all blended together into a wonderful and memorable time. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you guys to my motorcycle buddies. Thank you for looking after me when I needed it. Best wishes”

Bill Webb, 5th trip, BMW R1250 RT, Kent

Parking at lunch stop

Afternoon coffee stop

Our first hotel

Has a lovely pool

“This was a lively, fun and friendly group. The routes were good – of course – with great scenery through the gorges and in the Verdon. The hotels were comfortable and meals excellent. John & Jen were caring, considerate and attentive hosts as always. Thank you.

Terry Stanfield, 16th trip (2nd time for this one), BMW R1250RS, Wiltshire

Some visit Chenonceau Chateau

Thanks Terry

Jen has a swim

As does John

Drinks before dinner

Dinner is included tonight

“Stoner” with Jen

John’s telling jokes

This is the third time I’ve done this particular tour and it gets better every time. Some glorious runs through the French countryside, the gorges and the Route Napoleon. Throw in some stops in some lovely towns for coffee, lunch and tea breaks, and you’ll find this tour has it all.

Hotels vary from OK to Very Good. A couple of new ones on the itinerary this year, both of which were at the Very Good end of the scale…surprisingly, given the limited choice, the “I don’t know how we do it at the price” included meals have not disappointed me yet!

The only downsides of this tour were negotiating the traffic and soulless roads and roundabouts around Avignon and Nice. But no pain no gain I suppose.

Lastly, a great bunch of fellow riders and pillions. A number I knew from previous rides and now a few more I hope to keep in contact with. Thanks everyone, a bientot

Reece Compton, 8th tour, Triumph Tiger 1050 Sport, Essex

Bike parking

Always a morning briefing

Jen’s in the lead today

Martin & Denise – BMW R1250RT

John S – Triumph Tiger 900 GT

Mike – Triumph Tiger Rally Explorer

Steve – Kawasaki Z1000SX

Russ – Honda Africa Twin

Kevin – Kawasaki ZZR 1400

Mark – KTM 1290 Superduke R

Adrian & his Dad “Stoner”

“Back-marker” Terry – BMW R1250RS

“This was our second tour with BN European Tours and it did not disappoint. Great to catch up with friends we had made on last year’s tour. If you like a mixture of fast open roads and twisties this tour is for you but, beware, the days can be long. They were long for me as I was suffering from the effects of a cold. We had an eclectic mix of hotels which adds to the scene of adventure. Meals are always interesting in France – just make sure you have that steak well done. A visit to the casino in Monte Carlo is a must – especially when you place that bet and your number comes up, happy days! Many thanks to John & Jen for arranging the weather and it stayed dry for the whole trip. Many thanks for the company.”

Mick & Judy Thompson, 2nd tour, BMW F900XR, Herefordshire

Lovely scenery

Reece – Triumph Tiger 1050 Sport

Mick & Judy – BMW F900 XR

Ron – BMW R1250GS

Nigel & daughter Becky – BMW R1250RS

Stephen – Honda Africa Twin

Bill – BMW R1250RT

Morning coffee stop

Picnic lunch stop

After another great ride (hey Reece!!)

We cross a huge dam

Afternoon coffee stop

The hotel lounge


Nigel, Stoner & Becky

Put him down Judy !!!

Drinks before dinner

Dinner is in a local restaurant

Secure garage parking

Always a morning briefing

Lovely scenery in the Lot

Thanks Adrian

Always regroup for any motorway

We stop at the Millau Bridge

Some walk up for the view

Cafe closed – some had a picnic lunch!

But we’re still having a good time!

Jen’s leading again

Reece’s 8th trip

Mark’s 2nd tour

Martin & Denise’s 8th trip

John’s 11th trip

Charming…Stephen’s 4th trip

Nigel’s 6th trip & Becky’s 1st

Russ’s 8th trip

Mike’s 1st tour

Mick & Judy’s 2nd trip

Stoner’s 9th trip

Adrian’s 5th trip

Ron’s 4th trip

Kevin’s 1st tour

Steve’s 1st tour

Terry’s 16th tour!

Ride over the Millau Bridge

Fabulous Tarn Gorge

Afternoon coffee stop

Bill’s BMW has a problem!

Adrian & Stoner take advantage!

En-route to our hotel

Our hotel in Uzes

Drinks on the terrace

Uzes by night

It’s fab weather

Bill’s back!

Morning briefing

Morning coffee stop

Lovely roads in Provence

Lunch stop

So who left this on Jen’s seat?!

Coffee stop – before police moved us!

Our next hotel for 2 nights

Has great views

Drinks in the bar

Stroll into town

Lots of restaurants

It’s a lovely morning

Jen has an early swim

Breakfast on the terrace

The cutest little residents!

Kev’s chillin’

Our hotel’s in a fab location

Adrian goes for a ride-out…

With his Dad, Russ & Mark

Stephen & Kev ride out like locals!

A market in town (thanks John S)

Some of us catch the bus to Monaco

The famous Casino

Jen & Terry are there!

Flash cars everywhere

Inside the casino

But no photos in the gaming rooms

Stroll down to the port



We take the Bateau Bus

Denise & Martin, Judy & Mick

Us again!

Juan Manuel Fangio

The Palace

Great views

Reece had been to a jazz club

Thanks Reece

Back at Villefranche…

It’s another free night

Another lovely morning

A cruise ship’s here

Leaving Villefranche

We ride the Route Napoleon

An early lunch stop

Super scenery

Stunning view

Jen parks up to get photos

John’s leading today



Nigel & Becky

Martin & Denise






Mick & Judy

“Wide-load” Bill (sorry!!)


John S


And finally Terry

Kevin stops for photos

Now it’s the Verdon Gorge

We stop for photos

Of Lake Sainte-Croix

The group – minus Mike!

A selfie for Adrian

Stoner, Stephen, Becky & Kevin

Jen (thanks Stoner)


Father Stoner & son Adrian

Stoner stops for photos

Afternoon coffee stop

En-route to our hotel

Our next hotel

Drinks before dinner

Dinner is included tonight

Drinks on the house!

How sweet!

Steve, Nigel & Reece

The original Arc de Triomphe

John’s leading again today










Nigel & Becky


Martin & Denise

John S


En-route to fuel stop

Ride through the Ardeche gorge

More great scenery

Goats everywhere…

Not what you want round a bend!!

Pont D’Arc

Quick photo stop

Usual cafe is closed…

So we go into town

Ride through vineyards

More great roads

Lunch stop

Another pic-nic


Russ is feeling rough…


Thanks Adrian

Afternoon coffee stop

Heading into the volcanoes…

Fortunately they’re inactive!

Our next hotel

There’s a warm welcome for us

A free night – meet in a bar

A fabulous breakfast

Let’s take up all the spaces!!

Morning briefing

Leaving the volcanoes

Morning coffee stop

Where there’s a huge market

Lunch stop

John S

Afternoon coffee stop

Our final hotel

Drinks before dinner

Dinner is in a local restaurant

Thanks to back-marker Terry

So who won at the roulette???

Sit down if your number has a 1 or a 3

Stay up if you’ve a 2 or an 8

Sit down if yours is a single digit

Drum roll…

The winner is number 22…

Mick wins 180 euros!!

John kicks off the jokes

Stoner’s up next

Becky doesn’t quite tell one!

Nigel does though!

Stephen’s up next

Stoner again

And then Steve

John’s up again!

Jen reads a poem from Fran…

Have missed you Terry, Jen & John – tour to Monte Carlo ten years on!

As van companions last time round – I saw the sights and heard the sounds…

Of bikes and laughter, jokes and moans – so know your last night’s cheers and groans!

Am thankful for such times with you, and just can’t wait to share the view…

Of life and joy as pillion sure, so roll on next year and tour rides more!

Russ says some words of thanks to us (cheers!)

We say goodbye to Nigel & Becky

Final morning briefing

Morning coffee stop

Falaise for lunch

It’s still really hot!

And that’s it, all back to the ferry and the end of the season. This tour has amazing scenery, brilliant roads, great hotels & food and we had glorious weather throughout. We appreciate that the late arrivals at two hotels (due to extensive roadworks in Nice (we’ll change the route next year) and then a diversion) made for a couple of long days but hopefully everyone still enjoyed the tour. We hope to see many of you again on future tours. Ride safe, John & Jen. P.S. sorry for the delay in posting the review, we had to have a day out for John’s birthday present – see below!!

John’s spoilt for choice!

They’re so cute!

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