There was the most horrific start to this tour when two guests were killed in a freak accident on the motorway just after the tour had started. Having witnessed the incident three guests decided to return home the next day. The rest stayed to continue with the tour and tried to make the most of their holiday. The photos that follow show the resilience of a fantastic group of people. There is a tribute at the end to Kieron and Sharron who tragically lost their lives.

Pre-tour briefing

Russ, David, Daryl & Andrew

Approaching Santander

Briefing before we set off

John’s in the lead

We have to ride some motorway

Dinner in a tapas restaurant

At coffee stop next day

We follow the Camino de Santiago

Watch out for locals

Regroup at a viewing area

Those who continued with the tour

Thanks Sue



Stunning roads

The horses come down too

Jen’s leading today

Russ – Honda Africa Twin

Katt – Street 765RS, Pete – CB1000R

Garry & Karen – BMW R1250 GS

Andrew – BMW R1250 GSA

Lovely scenery

Garry & Karen are first in the pool

Our fabulous 4* hotel

Is right in the town centre

A free night to explore

Live music

Another band

Cathedral by night

Amazing breakfast room

Always a morning briefing

Roads get really twisty

Parking at coffee stop

Stop for a photo shoot

The lady riders…

Brenda, Katt & Sue

Plus Jen!

Garry & Karen



Jen’s leading again

Lunch stop

More great roads

Ride into Portugal

Pass through a National Park

More locals

Our next hotel

Has a fab swimming pool

But the guys are on the beers!

We have a surprise…

Aperitifs all round


Dinner is included

Morning briefing

John’s leading today

“Backmarker” Andy – Honda VFR 800

Stop on a huge dam


Thanks Sue

More twisties

Coffee stop

Then the famous N304

Lunch stop

John on our Street Triple 765 R

Pete – Honda CB1000R

Katt – Street Triple 765RS

Some get lost in Guimaraes!!

The birthplace of Portugal

It’s a free night

Fab fish

Lots of restaurants to choose from

Next day some take the train to Porto

Decorative train station

Walk up to the Cathedral

Buskers everywhere

Climb up to the tower…

For the best views

Take the cable car

Lots of market stalls

Port tasting with Pete & Katt

5 glasses for 5 euros!

Don’t miss the brilliant bunny!

Katt & Pete

Us! (thanks Pete)

So many cans!

Lots of Port Houses

Lads jumping off the bridge

A great duet

We stop for some Sangria


Fab life artist

She used to be naked!!

We didn’t go in here…

But Sue found an interesting sauce!!

A live band in Guimaraes

Coffee stop next day

With a lovely view

Leaving coffee

The setting for lunch

A lengthy lunch!

We then have a visit

Unfortunately it’s raining

Kyle & Andrew

Brenda & Sue

The vintage years

John G, Kyle & Daryl

We have a very small tasting!

But John gets some for later!

Our next hotel

Is in a Medieval town

We lay on a tasting

Pete & Katt, Brenda & David

Dinner is included tonight

The castle by night (thanks Pete)

A lovely morning

Look up!!

Always a morning briefing

Coffee stop

Bikes parked at lunch stop

Leaving lunch

Amazing roads

An enormous reservoir

But visibility is awful…

John regroups…

Thanks Kyle

We set off

There should be a view!

Neil’s in the pool

As is Jen

Time for a game – Russ

John wins!

Drinks before dinner

Garry, Pete & Katt

Andy & John G

Too many to name! Thanks Sue

Dinner is included both nights here

So there is a view!

A lovely morning

Many go for a ride-out

Sue – KTM Duke 890R

Brilliant roads

We stop at the Torre…

You couldn’t see it yesterday!

Stunning roads & scenery

John G – BMW R1200 GSA

Daryl – BMW R1250 GS…

In his YELLOW jacket!!

Daryl then Russ

Russ & Daryl

Russ – Honda Africa Twin

Daryl then Sue

Kyle – BMW R1250 GS

We stop for a coffee

John G then Daryl

John G

Piodao for lunch stop

It’s so pretty


Not what you want to meet!

Sue & Kyle go for another ride


Thanks Sue!

We have the pool to ourselves

After dinner – a pool tournament





Andrew has some nifty shots!

And it’s in!!


Another lovely morning

Fuel & coffee stop

Lunch stop

Jen’s leading today

Andrew – BMW R1250 GSA

Garry & Karen

We’re heading back to Spain

On brilliant roads

“Back-marker” Andy

Afternoon coffee stop

More great roads

Our hotel is in the town square

For the murals – see the June review!!

Next day we stop for photos

Beautiful scenery

Fuel stop…

With the best view!

Jen’s leading in the Picos


Katt & Pete

Garry & Karen



Fab scenery in the Picos

Brilliant roads

Parking at lunch stop

We get served – eventually!

Andy & Russ enjoy pizzas

We visit the Fuente De

See the Golden Eagles


Our final hotel

Thanks to “Back-marker” Andy

We all raise a glass to Kieron & Sharron

“Hi Jen & John, thank you. This tour was exceptionally challenging for both of you, however I personally felt that you handled everything exceedingly well and it was the correct decision to proceed with the trip. The bad weather that continued has simply made me want to come back and do the same tour next year

Thanks Sue, your comments are very much appreciated – J&J

We spoke to Kieron & Sharron’s children Ben & Abbie who both said that their parents would definitely have wanted us to continue with the tour. They also confirmed that they were happy for us to include some photos in this review as a tribute to their parents.

Where do we start? We first met Kieron & Sharron back in 2013 when they joined our Monte Carlo tour and celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary with a bottle of fizz in Villefranche-sur-Mer. To describe Sharron as exuberant would be an understatement! They were such a lovely, fun couple and Kieron – as well as being a rock-god (see photo!) – was a great support to me (Jen) when John had an accident on the Picos tour in 2015. As well as coming to two of our BN “Bashes” this would have been their 7th tour with us. The following photos have been taken from the tours that Kieron & Sharron joined, we had such great times with them both and they will be hugely missed. Our thoughts are with their children Ben and Abbie.

Monte Carlo 2013

Monte Carlo 2013

Rhine in Flames 2014

Rhine in Flames 2014

Picos 2015 with Kirsty

Picos 2015 at Rocamadour

Picos 2015 – shopaholic Sharron!

Picos 2015 – rock-god Kieron!

Black Forest 2016

Black Forest 2016

Italy/Swiss 2017 – John plays a prank…

with Kieron’s help! He still owes Sharron a euro!!

Italy/Swiss 2017

Chateaux 2017 – with Jen & Clare

Chateaux 2017 – more shopping – but how are you going to get that home on a motorbike??!!

Chateaux 2017

Chateaux & Sancerre 2017

Chateaux 2017 – Mr & Mrs competition!

Chateaux 2017 – John wafts a towel for Sharron!!

Chateaux 2017 – we wrapped the painting & then posted it back!

BN “Bash” 2019 with Jen

Ferry 2023 – with Steve & Julie


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