The group at St Mere Eglise for the first tour of the year

First stop, Pegasus Bridge

“Just returned from the WW2 Extended Sights tour. It was our first time on a bike tour, and what a tour. Down to meticulous planning and preparation from BN European Tours. John you took us to some amazing places. You went above and beyond to look after everyone – you were amazing.  The villages were fab, roads were fantastic, the hotels were just wow. We met some amazing people, had so much fun, can’t wait to do another tour. Obviously we were the best group this year!! so a big thank you John, and to Dick. Love Sonia & Paul.” 

Paul Lawler & Sonia Scragg, 1st tour, Triumph Tiger 1200 GT Pro, Staffordshire

Gerry, Tony & John

We have an English speaking guide

The original bridge

A Horsa Glider

Hi John, thank you for the tour I had an excellent time.

Positive points;

The phone call prior to the tour was well placed and made me realise how professionally run the trip was going to be.

All WW2 site tours were excellent and relevant, I loved and learnt a huge amount from each stop.

Your knowledge on the subject matter at each location.

The meals included were EXCELLENT and your individual attention to all the group was exceptional.

Length of riding per leg and pace was great, Hotels – location and condition.

Your individual attention with Nick speaks volumes to me.

Negative points;

NIL, there wasn’t one point in the trip where I thought things could have been run better.

In short I had an excellent time and will return once we have sold our house.

Thanks again John and see you soon.

Marcus James, 1st tour, Ducati Multistrada V4, Berkshire

Stop at the new British Memorial

“Hi guys, another brilliant tour from the House of Eggleton. Quite full-on to start with what with the attractions, coffee, lunch and petrol, but somewhat more relaxed from Bayeux onwards. We managed some good riding on some good roads with a couple of very heavy rain showers thrown in just to make things interesting! All hotels and rooms were pretty good, a couple were exceptional. The included (I don’t know how we do it at the price) meals were all excellent and gave a good chance for everyone to review the days riding, and to discuss whether it was going to rain the next day or not…  Lastly I would like to thank all the “Knights of the Road” I rode with for a week or so, it really was a pleasure and look forward to seeing some of you on a future tour.”

Reece Compton, 9th visit, Ducati Multistrada V4, Essex

See the statues at Arromanches

To commemorate the 75th anniversary

Mulberry B Harbour at Arromanches

Outside the new museum

“Hi John & Jen, this is my second trip with B&N tours and I was not disappointed – right from the start John made everyone welcome while laying out the plan for the week ahead. The hotels did not disappoint and the evening meals provided an opportunity for everyone to get to know each other, the tour was very well organised and the riding was fun despite the odd shower!!

Any issues were dealt with very quickly in a friendly & efficient manner. If you are looking for a well organised and friendly tour you cannot go wrong with B&N tours – they really go the extra mile to help everyone have fun and stay safe, don’t wish you had done it – go for it and have a great time”

Gerry Jolly, 2nd tour, Triumph Tiger Explorer, Essex (Thanks for sending some photos – Jen)

Visit the German Gun Battery

Paul & Sonia

Then the American Cemetery

Overlooking Omaha Beach

Chris & Diane

“Hi John & Jen, just a brief note to say how much I enjoyed the tour.

Being my first time as Backmarker I had a different perspective but thoroughly enjoyed the experience! As usual the hotels, routes, meals etc were great and the places we visited were thought provoking. 

A super group of fellow guests who did not let a “little ” rain dampen our spirits. Look forward to meeting some of them again on future tours – meanwhile can’t wait for July and the Black Forest!! Best Wishes”

Dick Hallsworth, 8th trip, Triumph Tiger 660 Sport, Norfolk

The Cathedral at Bayeux

Next day, visit the German Cemetery

Gerry, John & Tony


Hi John and Jen, I’d like to thank John for putting together a great tour, I enjoyed every minute of it. The hotels were great and the organised dinners were lovely with a good variety of meals – even the weather didn’t spoil things too much! I would have preferred a little more time when arriving at the hotels before going to dinner but it was my first tour so would be more organised myself on the next one, and certainly would do another tour with yourselves. Thanks again

John Towers, 1st tour, Triumph Tiger 660 Sport, Essex (Thanks for sending some photos – Jen)

Next stop La Pointe du Hoc

“Just returned from doing our second tour with BN European Tours. The WW2 tour was brilliant with once again interesting places to see, fantastic roads (a mixture to suit everyone’s taste) and comfy hotels. A really friendly group of people which helped to make the trip even better. On this tour several evening meals were included – which were all great. To quote John “I don’t know how we do it for the price!”🙂 Can’t wait to see next year’s tours.”

Chris & Diane Ramsden, 2nd tour, Tiger 660 Sport & Honda NC750S, Yorkshire

The group at St Mere Eglise

Private John M Steele…

“Hi John, I know my trip was somewhat curtailed but the two days I did have were very enjoyable and a great bunch of guys.

Once again thank you for all your help it was really appreciated. You and Jen run a super business and I will booking another trip.

All the best to the best.”

Nick Guy, 2nd trip, Triumph Tiger 660 Sport, Hampshire

Airborne Museum at St Mere Eglise

Don’t jump Reece!!


Chris & Diane

Tour leader John

At Utah beach

Utah beach

Nick has to head home…

So Caimin did need fuel after all!!

Coffee stop next day

Bryan & Jackie – BMW R1250GS

Craig – Suzuki V-Strom 800

“Backmarker” Dick – Tiger 660 Sport

Tony – Triumph Tiger 900GT

Reece – Ducati Multistrada V4

Marcus – Ducati Multistrada V4

Charlie – Yamaha 900 XSR

Caimin – BMW F850 GS

Our next hotel

Setting off the next day

Visit the Espadon submarine

Charlie, John T & Derek

Chris & Diane in the torpedo room

Bryan & Jackie

Marcus & Caimin

Paul & Gerry


The “U-Boat” pens

The group at St Nazaire

A free night at La Rochelle

Paul & Sonia – Tiger 1200 GT Pro

Diane – Honda NC750 S

Chris – Tiger 660 Sport

Gerry – Triumph Tiger Explorer

Visit Oradour-Sur-Glane


Paul & Sonia

The church, where…

the women & children were burned

Our next hotel

Dinner is included again

Visit the Saumur Tank Museum

Craig, Marcus & Gerry

Sonia takes aim!

Flak 88 – German anti-aircraft gun

Jagdpanzer – German anti-tank vehicle

T62 – Russian tank with infrared night vision

RM70 – Russian rocket launcher

GB – “Comet” Cruiser Tank

Russian SU-100 & KV1

USA – LVT-4 Alligator

French – Vespa Tap 56

USA – Sherman M4

French – Leclerc


French – AMX 30 Pluton – nuclear missile launcher (twice the force of the Hiroshima bomb)

Russian – V-55 engine

Chieftain MK10

German – Leopard ll

Our last night

Dinner is included again

Diane & Chris

John T – Tiger 660 Sport

Tour Leader John – Tiger 900 GT Pro

The group at Sable

Derek – Kawasaki Versys 650

Tony had left his passport behind!

John & view of the “Falaise Gap”

Final visit the Memorial at Montormel

Dick relinquishes the high-viz

And that’s all folks!

Back to Portsmouth…

Where a week ago Charlie was ready to board…

A really sociable bunch of people made for a good first tour of the season. Thanks to Dick for riding as back-marker and thanks to Gerry & John T for sending some photos, we hope to see many of you again on future trips. Ride safe, John (& Jen!)

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