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Testimonial WW2 Extended Sights May 2016

WW2 Extended Sights Tour 16 – 22 May 2016

P1020649 web

Our first tour of the year – great to see so many regulars and welcome to the newcomers.

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We start with a pre-tour briefing before walking round to our first visit – the Grand Bunker

“Hi John and Jen, just wanted to say what a wonderful time we had on the WW2 Tour. Lovely company and well organised tour of the sites. We never thought we would find it all so interesting and very thought provoking and at times quite emotional. The riding was superb and very enjoyable. Lovely hotels and great food. What more can we say! Looking forward to joining you again one day. Kind Regards”

Ros & Colin Shepherd, 1st tour, BMW 1200GS

“John, Jen, thank you for a fab tour. Great company and wonderful locations, thought provoking stuff!!”

Claire & Martyn Wyatt, 2nd tour, BMW 1150GS

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Dave descends into the Bunker…                             Helen takes aim!

“Hi John & Jen, just to say a big thank you for a really enjoyable and educational tour. The organisation was 1st class with excellent routes, hotels and visits and well planned fuel/coffee stops (even when fuel was in short supply !)  John’s “idiot guides” were a great source of additional background information – and much better than his jokes!!  The marker system worked flawlessly and the whole group gelled together and were great company. I certainly will be touring with you again in the near future. Best Wishes”
Dick Hallsworth, 1st tour, Triumph Sprint GT

P1020603 web  P1020606 web

Sam tests the range-finder…                                     As does “American” Pete

“John and Jen,

Memorial day was on Monday 30th May for us Americans.  We look back at the heroes that paid the ultimate sacrifice for us.  The Normandy trip made it that much more surreal. Seeing the places where my fellow brothers in arms battled.  This trip checked off one of my bucket list items, visiting the American Cemetery.  However, there was much more to see that I was unaware of and your trip proved just that.  The places visited were added to the bucket list on the spot and checked off.  

The roads ridden were very nice.  Surprisingly, there were more twisties than I had anticipated.  I believe the pace of the ride suited all riders with you both using the drop off marker system.  Following Jen around was a lot of fun when we hit the twisties.

Use of the back-up van was brilliant.  Being able to toss your luggage and gear into the van at stops and not having to worry about your personal items was awesome!  Being able to support one rider who had fallen ill and keep the tour going proved the back-up van’s worth.

Overall you handled adversity brilliantly.  From a snapped clutch cable, sick rider, fuel shortage throughout France and one-way roads that switched direction.  If I wasn’t  going back to America this year, I would definitely book another tour with you and check off more bucket list items. Amazing history tour with amazing people. “

“American” Pete Hillman, Kawasaki ZZR1400

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Sandra takes a call!                                                        A good start – we drive on the RIGHT !!

“Hello John and Jen, a week has passed now and we are still talking about and telling people about the great week we had. The trip was superbly organised and the hotels and all the museums were top class. I said it to you at the time and I will say it again, you guys are at the top of your game. Thank you for a great trip and we will see you in October!”
Stuart & Vanessa Scarfe, 1st tour, Triumph Explorer & Kawasaki Z300

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The group at Pegasus Bridge (minus Simon & Helen still outside)

“Hi John, Jen, thanks again for a great trip. Helen and I had a super time. Great accommodation, food, twisty roads and interesting museums etc…looking forward to our trips with you next year!”

Simon & Helen Brown, 1st tour, Honda Pan European

“Just scooting through the pictures and thinking what tremendous fun the week was. For a novice like me, I don’t think there could be a better way to be introduced to biking. Thanks very much to all of you, especially Jen and John.  Hope to see you all again soon.”

Helen Brown

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Where we have arranged a visit accompanied by an English speaking guide

“Thanks for a great holiday, it’s great to have the back up of the group, the van and the knowledge and help from John and Jen. We really like the way the route is guided as it takes off the pressure of stopping looking at maps. Stuart can ride without looking where I am all the time which makes it a true break for both of us, as I am not having to keep up with him. Look forward to the next one.”

Lynne Waring, 4th trip, Honda CB400

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Hear the history of the original bridge and see a replica Horsa glider

“John & Jen,  another great tour, so much to see and fun at the ferry terminal, pumping fuel out, then putting some back! See you in August for the Black Forest tour”

John & Sandra Shepherd, 5th trip, Honda Deauville

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We’re treated to an unexpected performance by the Taunton & Dean Male Voice Choir

“Hi John & Jen…thank you so much for a organising such a great tour. The sights were memorable and thought provoking, whilst the company, food and hotels were second to none. We look forward to our next tour with you. Thanks again”

Stuart & Sam Goodwin, 4th visit, BMW Adventure (backmarkers on this tour)

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We watch a film introduced by Prince Charles before John explains the glider landings

“Many thanks for a very enjoyable tour. Thanks also for your help when I was unwell…I hope to travel again with you soon, and will be more prepared to contribute on the joke-telling front (but more in the style of Lynne rather than Stuart! LOL)”

Dave Lee, 1st tour, Triumph Bonneville

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Next stop is Arromanches where the remains of the Mulberry B floating harbour can be seen

P1020688 web  P1020691 web

At the Gun Battery at Longues-sur-Mer the girls mount a biggun!           Mind your head Rob!

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The super water feature at the American Cemetery…we pass through the Visitor Centre first

P1020707 web  P1020714 web

Before moving into the Cemetery

P1020718 web  P1020723 web

The bronze statue “The Spirit of Eternal Youth Rising from the Waves”

P1020747 web  P1020882 web

Our hotel for two nights is in Bayeux where the bikes are parked in the private courtyard

P1020734 web  P1020736 web

Time for drinks before dinner

P1020737 web  P1020745 web

Dinner is included our first night – where the (bad) jokes start!

P1020757 web  P1020756 web

Guess who ?

P1020762 crop web

All lined up at the German Cemetery

P1020768 web  P1020778 web


P1020780 web  P1020784 web

Sam doesn’t like heights !                                                      Ready for the off…John in the lead

P1020788 web  P1020789 web

Lynne on her CB400 followed by Dave on his Bonneville…                   Steve on his Tracer

P1020791 web  P1020792 web

Stuart (S) on his Triumph Explorer…                                Colin & Ros on their BMW 1200 GS

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We next visit the Pointe du Hoc, the highest point between Omaha & Utah beach where US Rangers scaled the cliffs to destroy the German gun battery

P1020798 web  P1050023 web

We hear the moving testimony of survivors…                                       Martyn & Claire

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The cutest lambs…                                                                                     Dick in a crater

P1020807 web  P1020814 web

Steve, Rob & “American” Pete at the Rangers’ Memorial…                     Ros & Colin

P1050027 web  P1020822 web

Jen !

P1020808 web  P1050025 web


P1020829 web  P1020831 web

Dick on his Triumph Sprint GT…                                           Stuart (G) on his Honda CBF 600

P1020832 web  P1020833 web

Peter (M) on his Thunderbird…                                     Simon & Helen on their Pan European

P1020834 web  P1020835 web

“American” Pete on his Kawasaki ZZR 1400…         John & Sandra on their Honda Deauville

P1020840 web

Our next visit is the Airborne Museum at St Mere Eglise

P1020842 web  P1020850 web

P1020855 web  P1020856 web

Walk through the fuselage in the Neptune hanger & step out with the parachutists…

P1020858 web

P1020860 web  P1020863 web

Colin & Ros…                                                                                           Claire & Martyn

P1020871 web  P1020872 web

Steve at St Mere Eglise…

P1020874 crop web

Aperitifs at Bayeux

P1020886 web  P1020889 web

Backmarkers Stuart & Sam in waterproofs!              The clutch cable breaks on Lynne’s bike

P1020891 web  P1020894 web

John finds a bike garage who send a mechanic…                      Her hero !! (and no charge!)

P1020912 web  P1020909 web

Our thatched hotel & restaurant near St Nazaire

P1020898 web  P1020899 web

Dinner is included

P1020900 web  P1020904 web

Another of John’s jokes…just how did Dick (in the middle) know it was a marrow????

P1020922 web

We next visit the U-boat pens at St Nazaire

P1020927 web

And go on board the French attack submarine “Espadon”

P1020934 web  P1020936 web

Vanessa tests the bunk beds then takes the controls…

P1020937 web  P1020945 web

Dave at the radar detector…                                                         Lynne at the controls

P1020946 web  P1020948 web

Colin & Ros…                                                                                             Steve & Rob

P1050068 web  P1050072 web

The boys plot a course…                                          Stuart (G) arm-wrestles “American” Pete

P1020959 web  P1020956 web

In the torpedo room

P1020961 web  P1020970 web

Pigeon residing in the torpedo room!                                                  Martyn & Claire

P1020974 web  P1020999 web

We leave St Nazaire and find the refinery blockages affecting petrol pumps…

P1020979 web  P1020981 web

Third time lucky we find a garage with fuel !                 Secure garage parking at La Rochelle

P1020984 web  P1020985 web

Some of the group explore the ramparts at La Rochelle then dine together

P1020992 web  P1020995 web

La Rochelle by night

P1030005 web  P1030007 web

Pretty coffee stops & lovely country roads

P1030031 web  P1030012 web

We next visit Oradour sur Glane, starting in the informative visitor centre

P1030013 web  P1030014 web

P1030017 web  P1030018 web

Before walking through to the derelict village itself

P1030020 web  P1030024 web

The Memorial to the 642 inhabitants who were massacred on 10 June 1944 – 197 men, 240 women and 205 children

P1030025 web  P1030027 web

The church where the women & children were burned

P1030042 web  P1030046 web

The dragonfly outside our hotel…                             Lynne & Stuart after a night in a tapas bar!!!

P1030049 web  P1030051 web

Bikes at coffee stop…We’re allowed through to get petrol before the garage is cordoned off !!

P1050075 web  P1050078 web

Jen leading on our Street Triple                                      Vanessa on her Kawasaki Z300

[Sorry Rob – Yamaha Fazer 600 – you were too quick for the camera!!]

P1030105 web

We visit the Tank Museum at Saumur

P1030052 web  P1030055 web

Dick examines a 37mm Canon…                                          Stuart with a Tiger Royal

P1050088 web  P1030061 web

Rob likes the machine guns while Sam wants a half-tracked Kettenkrad motorcycle !

P1030066 web  P1030069 web

Dave by a Jagdpanzer…Stuart by a Hummel (pose learned from the waiter in the tapas bar!!)

P1030072 web  P1030075 web

Lynne finds her dream yellow amphibious VBL…                  The car in a suitcase !

P1030076 web  P1030088 web

Vanessa finds her next bike!  Vanessa & Stuart by the AMX 30 remote controlled mine sweeper

P1030097 web  P1030093 web

“American” Pete with a USA M60 A3                                           Simon takes charge

P1030101 web  P1030102 web

Ros & Colin with Lynne & Stuart                                             Peter M

P1030103 web  P1030092 web

Sandra & John                                                              Sam & Stuart with Stuart S in the middle

P1030106 web

Our last supper together in Le Mans

P1030108 web  P1030112 web

John thanks everyone for a great tour and especially Stuart & Sam for riding as “Back-markers”  Helen then starts the jokes…

P1030114 web  P1030115 web

Lynne takes a turn, followed by Stuart

P1030116 web  P1030131 web

Then Stuart (S) followed by Jen (no pics!)          Our final day and always a morning briefing

P1030132 web

Our final visit is to the Museum at Montormel overlooking the Falaise Gap

P1050097 web  P1050098 web

We finish with a pic-nic lunch

P1050102 web  P1050105 web

Before the heavens open !!

P1030137 web

Everyone back to Caen in good time for the ferry

P1030140 web  P1030141 web

Because of the petrol shortage we siphon off fuel from Stuart & Lynne

P1030142 web  P1030143 web

And John & Sandra – but then give some back as we’d left him on empty !!

Thanks to everyone for making this a great tour – good riding and a really sociable group – we hope to see many of you again on future tours. John & Jen.